Dato’ Ir Lim Siang Chai, Malaysian, aged 61, was appointed to the Board on July 1, 2013 as Executive Chairman of the Company.

Dato’ Ir Lim is a Chartered Engineer (C.Eng) registered with the Engineering Council, United Kingdom and Professional Engineer (P.Eng) registered with the Board of Engineers, Malaysia. He is a member of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (MIEM) and Institute of Engineering and Technology of United Kingdom (MIET).Dato’ Ir Lim also holds a Master in Business Administration from Deakin University, Australia.He is an Honourary Fellow of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation and a member of the Malaysia Institute of Management (MIM).He had also undergone many technical and management training in Japan.

Dato’ Ir Lim had also served the Malaysian Government in various capacities as follows:

2010 – 2013 Deputy Minister of Finance
2006 – 2008 Deputy Minister of Tourism
2003 – 2006 Deputy Minister of Information
1999 – 2003 Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Transport
1995 – 2008 Member of Parliament (Petaling Jaya South)

Dato’ Ir Lim is actively involved in various NGOs and has held various key positions, Adviser to the Federation of Malaysia Chinese Clans and Guilds Youth Association,Lim Clan Association of Malaysia, Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia, Business and Commerce Association of Petaling District, Association of Hawkers and Small Traders of Petaling Jaya.

Dato’ Ir Lim is not a director of any other public companies. He does not have any family relationship with any Director and/or major shareholder of the Company. He has no conflict of interest with the Company interest and has not convicted for any offences within the past ten (10) years.